About Us

Who is Tekika Coffee

Started out as a simple home roaster back in 2013, our original intent was merely to roast coffee for personal consumption. Challenged to improve each batch every time, we continually researched on various roasting methodologies and searched for high quality beans. This eventually led us to the development of our own roasting profile as well as to the discovery of specialty grade coffee. Soon after, savouring freshly roasted specialty coffee became a communal affair shared by families and friends.

As we reached out to more who love coffee, we came to realise that many do not own any brewing equipment. Driven by the desire to share our beans, we began to innovate in ways we can better prepare our coffee so that coffee lovers can still enjoy that perfect cuppa without any sophisticated brewing equipment. In 2016, we pushed out our very first drip pack with Tekika Coffee stamped onto our kraft pouch! Since then, every step of our coffee journey has been documented in Tekika Coffee Facebook Page.

As Tekika Coffee outgrew the little home roaster, it now roasts beans at a commercial facility to meet the increasing demands; and operates as a boutique artisan roaster that is managed by registered company Advente Coffee S&S Private Limited.

What is Tekika Coffee about

Tekika means drip in Japanese. Besides giving due recognition to the brilliant minds behind this creative idea of drip pack, the brand name is our constant reminder to achieve consistency in every batch of coffee prepared and to attend to every detail meticulously just like the Japanese.

Beyond that, Tekika Coffee anchors itself in three basic principles:

Fresh Coffee Only

(because we know how upsetting it can be to brew a cup of coffee with stale beans)
Tekika Coffee only delivers coffee that are freshly roasted. By that, every drip pack is targeted to arrive within one week from the day of roasting and roast dates are stamped onto the kraft packs for validation.

Simple Brewing

(because we live in a fast-paced society but wish to appreciate finer things in life)
Tekika Coffee advocates simplicity. Taking away the time consuming brewing process means ease in preparation and indulgence “on-demand”. The prepacked drip pack is thus offered for greater convenience – to savour the cuppa anytime, anywhere.

Value Pricing

(because everyone deserves a good cup of coffee)
Tekika Coffee aims to balance value and affordability without compromising on quality. Purchasing high quality beans in bulk and adopting small batch roasting reduce cost and wastage. Cutting out any third party involvement also mean additional cost savings which we gladly pass on to coffee lovers.

Where is Tekika Coffee heading

While we are more than happy to maintain boutique status, since operating at this scale enables us good control over the parameters in creating that superior cup; Tekika Coffee aspires to widen the outreach in hope to grant greater access to premium coffee. And so we seek your support in sharing with your friends who Tekika Coffee is, what it is about and its aspiration so we can share the coffee we love with many more coffee lovers.