Costa Rica (Jaguar Honey1)

Costa Rica

Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazu
Growing Altitude: 1500masl
Varietal: Caturra & Catuai
Processing: Honey
Grade: Specialty

About the Region

Located in the country’s interior mountains with average rainfall of 2800mm per year and average temperatures at 24ºC, the Tarrazu region produces some of the best Costa Rican coffee. This region is 1350m above sea level with the mountains at 1700m, all farms are situated above 1500m, thriving on rich ultisol (red clay soils). This high altitude provides great conditions for the development of the best coffees and nearly all Tarrazu coffees are classified Strictly High Grown. Tarrazu Honey is from a number of selected plantations who hand harvest and then deliver the ripe cherries to Beneficio San Diego mill for processing. At the mill, the cherries are pulped to remove the skin but the mucilage is left on the beans (seeds). The beans are then dried, allowing the sugars from the mucilage to be absorbed by it.

Taste Profile

This strictly high grown bean with hints of wildflower honey, has sweetness of tropical fruit. The full-bodied with balanced acidity has a captivating smooth finish.

1Jaguar Honey

Jaguar Honey refers to the processing where only the skin and pulp of the coffee cherries are removed before the fruits are naturally fermented in tanks. They are then dried with some or all of the mucilage remaining on the parchment encasing the beans (seeds). Due to the little fermentation over a short period of time for the mucilage to dry, this processing results in a little more acidity than Pulp Naturals, but less acidity than both Fully Washed or Natural.